Slops Reception Facilities
Internationally acclaimed as a leader in floating oil and slop reception facilities, Fairdeal has been designing, converting and operating floating reception facilities for oily-water mixtures, for over 20 years.

An absence of reception facilities where they are most needed, influenced the Group to establish such a service. Fairdeal developed its own technology on board existing tankers converting them into high-volume slop oil separators.

To this day, Fairdealís solutions are the most appropriate and cost-effective method of meeting MARPOL 73/78 requirements. The Groupís patent method guarantees no pollution and no wastage of resources. Despite this, our scientific staff and technicians continue to develop and improve floating slops reception and treatment facilities.

Out track record in this specialized field dates back to the early 1980s, when Fairdeal (under the name of Vera Shipping) was awarded an exclusive 10-year contact for the provision of floating slops reception facilities in the major Greek commercial port of Piraeus.

In 1985, a similar operation was established by Fairdeal Marine Services in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, where it today maintains a large fleet of specially converted tankers.

Strategically positioned at the entrance of the ROPME Sea Area, Fairdeal provides the main slops reception solution for passing vessels either inbound or outbound, offering full services on a 24 hours basis. Our efficient service reduces costs and any time delay for ships to an absolute minimum.
Slops Reception Facilities
Slops Reception Facilities

Slops Reception Facilities

Especially since the welcome decision by all ROPME Sea Area countries to ratify MARPOL 73/78, Fairdeal believes it is contributing to a bright new era for cleaner shipping in the region.

The Group is in the process of extending its services through a network of facilities strategically positioned in the vital ports of the area, in order to make it even more convenient and cost-effective for all ships to deliver their slops and support the goal of preserving the marine environment.

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