Ship Management
Based in Piraeus with offices in Fujairah, London and Beijing, the Fairdeal Group understands the problems and responsibilities of shipowning and operation first-hand.

Todayís increased legislation and mounting liabilities make it vital for shipowners that their ship managers are qualified to provide the highest standards of safety, as well as being able to deliver a combination of high performance and careful cost control, which will enable vessels to fully exploit their market potential.

The Groupís shipmanagement arm has been certified both as per ISO 9001/2000 and 14001/1996 standards by DNV.

As a well-established operator of its own diversified fleet, the Group is widely recognised for its ship management capabilities, proving it a reassuring partner for todayís shipowners.

Technical and crewing management are coordinated under one roof by a dedicated team of professionals, the majority of whom have served with the Group for many years.

Fairdealís wide-ranging experience makes it unique in the field of ship management, its expertise having been enhanced by direct involvement in related fields such as offshore reception facilities, oil spill response, floating storage, agency services and the supply and servicing of safety equipment.

The Fairdeal fleet replacement programme has availed our technical management of particular expertise in superintending new building tonnage in China. The Group has gained an important foothold in this market and is well placed to undertake consultancy services in this key sector of the marine industry.

By entrusting their valuable assets to a proven ship manager, backed up by a wealth of other marine knowledge, shipowners can rest assured that their investment is in safe hands and is being handled the best way, as far as safety and profitability is concerned.

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Ship Management